ATVANS New Multi Year Strategic Plan

ATVANS Board of Directors Passes New Multi Year Strategic Plan
Over the past number of years, it has been recognized by the board, members and funding partners that a multi-year strategic plan would be beneficial to our organization, members and sport, as we advance our association and look to the future. In pursuit of this endeavour, ATVANS conducted a club wide survey on a variety of issues. The survey was released to clubs during the 2013 annual general meeting.  This information, in addition to ongoing feedback led to a two day board workshop and planning session. The session  had strong board participation. A professional facilitator conduced the workshop in February of this year.
All participants expressed a great deal of optimism and cooperation throughout the process. This planning session, has led to the board adopting a new Multi Year Strategic Plan at our most recent board meeting on April 6th 2014. This plan will help guide us and provide board focus as we advance our association over the coming years. The board recognizes that this plan is not all encompassing and that from time to time adjustments to this plan may be required. Strong affective organisations like ATVANS, should plan affectively for the future and take the time to review and adjust plans as required. This is an attribute of good governance. The board would like to thank those who participated in the original survey and those who provide ongoing feed back to the board. We would also like to thank our partners who assisted with this process and provided direction and support. We would also like to thank our facilitator Max Chauvin who facilitated the planning meeting and prepared the draft report.
Although a great deal of effort went into the developing the plan, the real heavy lifting is still ahead. The board is committed to working with our clubs, member and partners as we implement this plan and move toward a better future. This year ATVANS has more members than ever before, we have 39 active strong clubs and a dedicated group of volunteers. The future for our association and sport here in Nova Scotia is bright, no doubt we will face challenges, however, the board has the skill, tools and dedication to overcome challenges we may face.
Please find attached a copy of our approved plan for your information.
Barry Barnet
Executive Director ATVANS
On behalf of the board of ATVANS
ATVANS Strategic Framework

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Executive Director ATVANS

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